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Voice & Accent

Voice and Accent

Your voice not only conveys your message, it can say a great deal about your personality & Profession. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the way you communicate; in short, your professional success will depend on your speaking skills. Our Voice Training programmed at ABE has been designed to leave an imprint profoundly. The training can focus on very specific aims and can help you to:

Speak with greater authority and vocal presence
Overcome an ‘accent barrier’
Improve your articulation to avoid ambiguity.


Course content:

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course Voice & Accent Training teaches you sounds and speech habits. Our exclusive session involves work on:

Breathing and posture
Tongue position when speaking
Mouth muscularity
MTI Removal
Speech Clarity
The Benefits

As a general benefit, Voice Training will help you to:

speak with greater clarity and confidence
better understand and use the power and potential of your voice
extend your vocal range
In all cases, Voice Training will enhance your presentation and public speaking skills. This will help you to communicate more effectively not only with large audiences but with small groups too.

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