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TOEFL Coaching in Delhi

TOEFL Coaching in Delhi

Many aspire to study in English-speaking countries or even migrate to settle down abroad. In any of these cases, a TOEFL score is a necessity. This has increased the popularity of TOEFLTOELF among students who wish to attain a great score to qualify for international education or immigration.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is an international English proficiency examination conducted by Educational Testing Services online. It stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. This test checks the proficiency of the test takers in all four fields of the English Language: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This is a test that utilizes two or more combinations of these fields to form questions and scenarios to test the candidates on a practical level.

This test is conducted online and can be taken from the comfort of your home. This has been made possible since the pandemic. The scores of this test are a must-have pre-requisite to add to the applications for international universities and colleges. While intelligent and talented students can test their proficiency without help from the coaching institutes, to improve their chances of success, guidance from professionals of the TOEFL coaching institute in Delhi can be of great benefit.

TOEFL Examination Eligibility

As per the present knowledge, no strict guidelines about certain examination eligibility have been received from the ETS.

1.   Age Restrictions

ETS has not specified any age restrictions for the TOEFL examination. This is because TOEFL is a language proficiency test that looks for talent and skill instead of age.

2.   Educational Qualifications

ETS has been clear about not setting up any prerequisites for educational background when appearing for the TOEFL test. But since the goal is higher education abroad, university admission requires at least a 10+2 qualification. By extension, this criterion falls under the TOEFL pre-requisite.

3.   Identity Documents

ETS is particular about the relevant identity documents that are required to attach to the application form during registration. Any lapse in the documentation and the candidates are automatically stopped from moving ahead towards the completion of the registration.

TOEFL Registration Process Details

There are various modes of registration for the ETS TOEFL. One can register through email, phone, online, or even physically at the center. No matter which method one chooses, the registration process can be worked on throughout the year. All you have to do is choose a venue of your choice and look for possible TOEFL test dates on the official website. After that, you can register for that date and venue through any method. It is essential to ensure that you register well in advance as the closer you are to the date of the exam, the greater chances of late fee applicability.

You can follow the process given below to register for the TOEFL examination.

1.   Open the official ETS website in your browser.

2.   Create your profile and log in.

3.   Update your details such as name, address, email id, phone number, and so on.

4.   Ensure that all your details match your passport.

5.   From the given list of dates and venues, choose the TOEFL test date and venue that you prefer.

6.   The portal will ask you for a confirmation of the details. Confirm and affirm that everything entered is true.

7.   The next step is application payment. Follow the steps to complete the payment.

8.   After completion, the final application form can be printed out for future requirements.

The above application process is the online mode. For the registration process through phone, a certain universal number is given online where you can call and register. In case of mail, you can download the application form, fill it out physically with all the details matching your passport, add the payment details, and mail it to the main center at the address provided online.

TOEFL Exam Fee Details

Different countries that conduct TOEFL examinations have different payment amounts as well. For India, the TOEFL registration fee is $190. There are other scenarios where additional fees are applicable such as late fees, cancellation, rescheduling fees, and so on. The respective fee for these is given below.

1.   Registration Fee: $190

2.   Late fee: $40

3.   Exam Rescheduling Fee: $60

4.   Additional TOEFL score reports: $20

5.   Speaking or Writing section score review: $80

6.   Reinstated canceled score: $20

ETS TOEFL follows a strict policy where that implies that the candidates must pay the entire fee amount at the time of registration only in single time only without any mistake in the details.

TOEFL Exam Syllabus

The entire examination paper consists of 4 sections speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Each section is separately tested by a set of questions dedicated to the particular skill.

Reading Syllabus

This section consists of a few passages that are provided for reading comprehension. Based on the passages, questions are asked. The number of correct comprehension responses decides the score for the section. There are about 3-4 passages and 30-40 questions in total.

Writing Syllabus

This section consists of 2 questions consisting of passage creation. One passage requires an integrated effort from reading, listening, and writing comprehensive and attractive content. The other is an independent writing task that requires an intelligent portrayal of thoughts.

Listening Syllabus

This section consists of 2-3 conversations and 3-4 lectures delivered in campus language English. You are required to understand the points mentioned and answer subsequent questions for each conversation and lecture separately.

Speaking Syllabus

This section consists of speaking tasks on certain topics and conversations. The test takers are tested on their ability to handle conversations smoothly, deliver appropriate sentences, correctly use language, and development of the topic.

How to find the Right TOEFL Coaching Institute in Delhi?

Getting a top score in the TOEFL exam takes work. Apart from dedication and hard work, a candidate needs the right guidance from professionals. For this, choosing the best TOEFL Coaching Institute in Delhi is a must. For making the right choice there are some factors to be considered.

1.   Trainers and Mentors

The coaching institute that has the best professionals in the English language and understands the ins and outs of the TOEFL examination preparations must be chosen. The panel must consist of experienced teachers from the field.

2.   Environment and Provisions

If a coaching institute has a calm environment, then it encourages better concentration and a learning atmosphere. Having the greatest infrastructure, uninterrupted internet connection, and numerous reference books for study can give rise to the greatest coaching institute in Delhi.

3.   Transportation

Every minute counts when you are on a deadline for preparation for the TOEFL examination. Having an institute that is too far can take up much time traveling. The closer the institute with the easiest means of transportation, the better for unhindered preparation times.

4.   Previous years’ results

Any institute that has a history of consistent positive feedback and results from previous years makes it the best choice. It is best to refer to previous results and contact past students to understand the quality of preparation, teaching, and faculty.

5.   Courses coverage

Some institutes might not cover all four sections of the TOEFL examination thoroughly. It is best to check with the institutes and their courses to understand if they cover the entire syllabus of TOEFL in detail.

6.   Worthiness

TOEFL examination fee is quite high. At the same time, having the TOEFL coaching institute in Delhi take you in as a candidate might be costly as well. It is therefore essential to choose an institute that helps you achieve success and is worthy of you paying a hefty fee.

7.   Remote sessions and Mock Tests

Having experienced a pandemic, it is necessary to be assured that the coaching institute provides online sessions for clarifying doubts. Also, an institute is considered great if they provide regular mock tests and question banks for regular practice and TOEFL preparations.

How Academy of British English is the Best Choice?

When choosing a TOEFL coaching institute in Delhi, going for the British English Academy is the best choice. We have a team that provides a well-curated course structure that helps you streamline your goals toward achieving great TOEFL results.

1.   Our course is well-defined to walk you through the details of the English language step-by-step.

2.   We focus on finding the negative areas and weak structures to eliminate them and progress on the right path.

3.   Our communication practice sessions are curated to build communication skills from the foundation level while bringing your confidence level to heights.

4.   We do not believe in theoretical teaching only. We believe in practicing and working on encouragement as well.

5.   We assist in personality development, time management, and miscellaneous skills for overall growth.

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