Academy of British English

What is PTE Academic?

What is the PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Finland, Singapore, and a Lot More.

Test Modules


  • Reading a Text Aloud
  • Repeating a sentence
  • Describing an Image
  • Answering short questions


  • Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
  • Multiple Option, Pick Multiple Answers
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs
  • Filling Blanks Reading Type

 Filling the Blanks Reading and Writing type


  • Summarizing a text
  • Writing a composition


  • Summarizing spoken text
  • Multiple Choice Questions choose 1 answer based on recording
  • Fill blanks at a transcript based on recording
  • Writing a dictation
  • Highlight incorrect words

Selecting the right word which has been beeped in the audio

Multiple choices choose multiple answers based on recording

Highlighting the correct summary

PTE Academic Structure

The test is administered at a single 3 hours evaluation session. The test is divided into 3 timed sections, 1 brief un-timed introduction, and an optional 10-minute break.

Part 1

Time Allowed



Speaking and Writing

77-93 minutes


32-41 minutes

Optional Break

10 minutes


45-57 minutes

Test Scores

Test Scores are available on the internet usually within 5 business days from accepting the exam. The test taker can report scores to some range of associations for free. Selected associations can recover scores online usually within one day.

How is it distinct from other tests?

Authentic evaluation content and tasks: demonstrating your skill to utilize real-life academic English.

Fully computerized evaluation: providing honest and dependable results.

Speedy delivery of results: normally within 5 working days.

Adaptive booking: the book for the next day or following week, no need to wait longer!

Who recognizes the test?

The test is recognized by 3000 institutions globally and is recognized by DIAC and UKVI for student visa applications. PTE is also approved by NZQA




Examine the score you need with the college you are applying to. Most UK universities require a minimum score of 51 for postgraduate and undergraduate courses and a minimum score of 36 for qualifications below degree level.

How will the university assess my score?

Results are issued to applicants securely online through your Pearson account. We don’t issue paper certificates to students or institutions. Once you get your scores you’ll be able to send them online for as many institutions as you need, at no cost.

Do I need to provide my score report if I’m applying to your UK student visa?

If you’re applying for a UK student visa you must also send your scores on the internet into the UKVI and print a copy of the results to include in your visa application.

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