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We have trained Visa Counseling and Guidance experts as per the International norms. We have an established business for Student Visas since past 5 years and we have Very high Visa Success Rate.
We ensure complete professional  guidance and also assist with Student loans.We conduct mock interview sessions and ensure complete practice for visa interview (telephonic/Skype/direct) for all countries
We see all prospective opportunities for the students and they remain in our constant care. We even ensure we are in personal touch with all our students even after landing abroad.
We build a complete timeline for the application. we ensure quick acknowledgements and fast processing for all applications at colleges and universities in all countries.
We work for the visa filing and application process and ensure complete assistance regarding student visas.
We try to ensure both merit-based and need-based scholarship for students for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. Scholarships depend on complete student profile.


What Services do you offer?

We offer end to end solutions that help you get accepted to top-ranked institutions globally. We also help with career-related services like the career counselling, course selection, SOP writing, resume editing and so on. Our services also include complete help with student visas, scholarships, loan assistance and even post-landing services. Our expertise lies in profile building, resume writing, letters of recommendation and SOP/essay writing, editing, mock interviews and the like. Our services are free of cost*

How do I arrange for funding abroad?

1.Personal Funding – this is one of the most popular ways. it generally involves funding through family and relatives.

2. University Aid – This includes a) Merit-based scholarships, which are granted on the basis of special skills, talents, or abilities. Merit-based scholarships are usually very competitive. b) Need-based scholarships, which are awarded based on financial need. You will be required to demonstrate need at a predetermined level to be eligible.

3. Bank Loans – you can inquire with your banks regarding what education loans they provide and what the rate of interest is.

4. Work-Study (part-time jobs) – These programs allow you to work on campus and opportunities include tutoring, research assistant, a desk job in the library or administrative office.

How to decide where to study abroad and which college/university?

When deciding on which college is right for you, you need to look at a number of factors. Don’t base your decision on rankings alone, this is only one point of reference. You need to identify and evaluate other criteria too. Some may play a larger role than others, so prioritize what’s important to you. Some examples of factors include Facilities • Location • Size • Campus or City University • Cost • Employment Opportunities.

What are the standard application requirements?

The standard application requirements include: 1) Application Form 2) Application Fees 2) Letter of Recommendation(s) 3) Essays/SOP 4) Resume 5) Standardized test results 6) English proficiency results 7) Transcripts/Marksheets.

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