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How to Prepare for IELTS

How to Prepare for IELTS

Any person who wants to score good/required bands in IELTS must prepare hard for the test. When it comes to IELTS someone who may have been doing well in their school or college English exams do have an upper hand, although they must prepare as diligently as a person who has no English background. Ideally, to enter an IELTS course, the student must have an intermediate level of English.

Understandably a person who has low command over English can prepare for IELTS but would have to put a lot of extra efforts to clear the benchmark set in the English Language. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, all types of aspirants need to put efforts.


There are certain common techniques which can be employed or followed by any aspirant like: –

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

Knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses are important for effective IELTS preparation. To Find-out what all kinds of strengths and weaknesses are in the personal kitty. This helps to create a study plan to improve weaknesses, while still refining and growing stronger skills through regular practice.

Set goals and make an agenda

Setting achievable goals can motivate and help to keep focused. Starting small and taking step by step approach to the goal of getting good Bands. Listening to English Conversations, writing tasks (Understanding Writers approach, thoughts & expression through words), Speaking to peers, reading; The efforts taken through normally available resources in English can help a lot for achieving the goal.

Cultivate an English reading habit

Read English daily, which will especially help with reading speed and comprehension. It’s good to choose something that you are interested in and read about it. Find books, magazines or newspaper articles that suit the current level of English. For example, read articles, books every day. Over time, there will be an increase in reading skills; it will also increase the depth of general knowledge and awareness of the many topics.

Make the best use of social media

With many tools out there to improve English, using social media (Facebook, etc.) is one of the interesting and effective ways. They help not only in connecting people and staying updated about the things happening around you but also learning English.

Preparation Techniques

There are specific ways to prepare for the IELTS Test, some of the best ways include following these methods: –

Learn about the four different test modules; Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Take sample tests

The student needs to familiarize with the procedures and content presented in the test, through the repeated practice of exercises taken from previous tests and the performance of several simulations

  • Develop exam skills and strategies
  • How to approach the tasks/questions?
  • What the examiners are looking for
  • What to do (& what not to do!)
  • How to prepare for the writing tasks
  • How to manage time in the exam?
  • Examples of good and bad answers
  • Focus on the Reading Skills: Like Improving speed and accuracy, and building confidence
  • Focus on listening skills: improving listening comprehension and answering related questions.
  • Focus on the Writing Skills: Accuracy, Style, Coherence and Cohesion.
  • Focus on Speaking skills: How to approach an answer, the nitty-gritty of effective speaking.
  • Revising basic grammar involved in the task (If necessary)
  • Vocabulary building and development strategies
  • Pronunciation support
  • Receive personalized feedback
  • Cross-checking of performance based on the exam requirements
  • Repeat Guidance and further strategies to improve performance
  • Troubleshooting grammar issues
  • Understanding and to better listening skills with Dialectal differences.
  • Focus on fluency and speaking

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