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IELTS Writing Task 2 requires aspirants


IELTS Writing Task 2 requires aspirants to understand the question and provide the answer in accordance with the meaning and the requirement presented. Since IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is supposed to be given by aspirants who have been using English as a medium of communication; the proficiency of the same is judged through such essay writing, where the writer has to come up with suitable words to elaborate and complete the Task. A regular user must be aware of the structure used in writing, words which create and describe his/her opines.


 There are basically five types of questions which come in the essay writing section (Task 2) which needs to be completed within 40 minutes allotted. It can be categorized broadly as: –

  • To what extent do you Agree or Disagree?
  • Do you Agree or Disagree?
  • Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Discuss the Cause (Problem), Effect and Solution.
  • Discuss Both Views and give your Opinion.

The questions state a subject on the basis of which as an extension the above-mentioned question/phrase is put or asked. Example: – Industrialization is leading to the development of economies but it is also leading to an increase in Global Warming. Discuss both views and give your Opinion.

The expectation from an aspirant is to articulate the given topic by writing personal thoughts which clearly define and share the opinion. The aspirant must have a good understanding, knowledge with the ability to relate the answer to the question (At least to a moderate extent).

The IELTS Test, Writing Task 2; is judged by the examiners on certain parameters namely: –

  • Vocabulary.
  • Grammar.
  • Cohesion.
  • Lexical Resource.


The structure of an essay which is most suited to express can be in the following format: –

  1. 1 Para {Introduction},
  2. 2 Para {Body},
  3. 3 Para {Body},
  4. 4 Para {In my Opinion},
  5. 5 Para {Conclusion}] should be creative enough to completely disseminate the understanding which the aspirant has in relation to or about the question.

Mostly, the Writing can be judged on the variety of different words being used and the pattern which has been used by the aspirant. Repetition of words, repetition of sentence structure where nothing much is conveyed thoughtfully can be an aspect for scrutiny.


Unlike other examinations, IELTS can be more of an examiner discretion based assessment system where examiner uses his/her capacities to measure the quality, the subjective delivery aspect of the examinee, taking into the considerations the various possibilities which could have led the writer for such an answer. Bad Handwriting of the examinee can be misread leading to misjudgment of the content. Although there are no Right and Wrong Answers, the emphasis from the examiner would be only to check the ENGLISH proficiency.

Minor Grammatical, spelling errors are ignored but repeated faults can lead to low scoring of marks.

Another Aspect which is important yet not Directly related to the task itself; Time management by the aspirant to complete the 250 words task within the stipulated time of 40 minutes. As we know, writing while thinking about something takes time. The more careful and conscious the writer is considering the following aspects: –




Lexical Resource.

More time would be required and to manage time throughout the writing task is the key to finish nicely.

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