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The International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) assesses the language ability of the candidates who plan to study or work abroad, where English is the first language of communication. A particular level or band score in English is required by the candidates depending on the country they are to visit and the purpose of their visit. The detailed information can be retrieved at the website:

Types of IELTS Exam:

There exist two types of tests: Academic and General Training. Candidates who would like to study the undergraduate, postgraduate, research or professional studies take Academic Training Test. For this, they are supposed to take the Academic Reading and Academic Writing in the Reading and Writing component of the IELTS. On the other hand, candidates who would like to take the test: for the entry to the vocational or training programmes but not at degree level, or for admission in secondary schools, or for immigration purposes abroad, they will have to opt for General Training Test (General Training Reading and General Training Writing) .


The six components of IELTS are: Listening, Reading (Academic and General), Writing (Academic and General) and Speaking.

In the Listening component, there are 4 sections, each section with 10 questions which are about the social needs. Candidates hear the recording only once, answer the questions accordingly, approximately 30 minutes are assigned to this component.

The Reading component has are 3 sections with three texts from journals, books, magazine, leaflets, advertisements, and newspapers, it has 40 questions (the questions include multiple choice, short-answers, sentence completion, notes, diagram label completion, classifications, matching, choosing paragraph heading, writer’s view, etc., and the time assigned to this component is 60 minutes.

The Writing component has 2 tasks (task 1 of 150 words for 20 minutes, and task 2 of 250 words for 40 minutes) is 60 minutes in total. The Candidates are assessed on the appropriate writing style.

The Speaking component is 11 to 14 minutes; it has three parts and is conducted by a trained examiner. The speaking test assesses the candidate’s communicative skills on account of Fluency, Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation.

Test Format

Therefore, the total time duration of the Test is 2 hours 44 minutes. IELTS score varies from 0-9, where 0 stands for did not attempt the test, 1- Non User, 2-Intermittent User, 3-Extremely Limited User, 4-Limited User, 5-Modest User, 6-Competent User, 7-Good User, 8-Very Good User, and 9 stands for Expert User. The required/desired Band Score of the candidate at various universities and companies usually varies from 6.0-8.0/8.5. Although, the Practice Tests/ the Mock Tests gives a possible future performance, at the same time these are of great help to ensure the desired score of the candidates.

Now a day, we find many institutes which assure the candidates to provide the desired Band Score of IELTS. The British Council at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi is the best known and authentic place for this, but there are many students who cannot afford it and there are many others who are not comfortable in traveling far off their home, therefore, they join those institutes which are easily reachable, affordable, and match to their level of understanding. ABE (Academy of British English, Rajouri Garden, Green Park, NSP, and GTB Nagar – Delhi) can also be considered one of the best places for this purpose. This is because teachers here are: hard-working, well qualified and trained, also the staff members are working best at the available means. In terms of facilities, there are audio-visual facilities and a wide variety of study material available. This institution is the only one with the proper available software for the new IELTS computer-delivered exam by IDP.

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