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understanding the ielts speaking test


  • Communicate opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences.
  • Speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language.
  • Organised your ideas coherently .
  • Express and justify your opinions.
  • Analyses, discuss and speculate about issues.

Duration of the IELTS Speaking test:


The IELTS Speaking test is as close to a real-life situation as an exam can get , making it a true indicator of one's English language ability . This is why IELTS is the trusted choice of over 9000 organisation across the world.

The Content of the Speaking test is the same for both.

versions-IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training test


In IELTS Speaking Test, the first task will have the examiner introduce himself or herself and ask you to introduce yourself and confirm your identity.

Then in the second IELTS Writing task, the examiner will give you a task card which asks you to talk about a particular topic, and mentions points to be included.

After that, you will be given one minute to prepare and make notes and then will be required to talk for 1-2 minutes without any interruptions.

The examiner will then ask you one or two questions on the same topic.

In the third IELTS writing section, the examiner will ask you further questions which are connected to the earlier topic.These questions will give you an opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas.


In IELTS Speaking tasks, you will be marked on the below criteria :

  • Fluency and coherence
  • Range of vocabulary
  • Grammatical range and accuracy
  • Pronunciation.

You will talk to a certified examiner.

The test will be recorded.

Relax and talk fluently and naturally.

In order to enhance your vocabulary and fluency, you need to do IELTS Speaking practice as some candidates who are good in other sections, perform poorly here. It is advisable that you attempt IELTS Speaking topics before appearing in the exam.

In IELTS Speaking test , there are three tasks in which a candidate needs to speak on the given topics and interviewer checks the candidate’s  fluency, expression and ideas. You will have to practice some IELTS Speaking mock tests in order to understand where do you stand and how much practice is required for scoring high bands.

You will be assessed on your performance throughout the test by certified IELTS examiners. Scores are reported in whole (e.g.6.0,7.0) or half (e.g.4.5,5.5) bands

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