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IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation

ABE is one of the best coaching centers in Delhi that provides top-notch IELTS preparation and Study Visa services. At ABE, aspirants are provided systematic preparation in the four areas of IELTS namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. One of the foremost steps is to benchmark the English usage and ability of the test taker by taking an IELTS Mock Test. The preparation is intensive, once we establish the level. The preparation entails comprehensive strategies, grammar and practice sessions. Every learner is made aware of his strengths and weaknesses so that we can customize the coaching and guide them through the preparation. The tutors are well trained, certified and experienced such that their learning gaps can be bridged and build every learner gradually in a duration of 1 to 2 months.

IELTS teaching Method

At the heart of our IELTS course, are well tested IELTS tips, tricks and strategies that help tremendously in handling a language testing exam. We specialize in core skills to enable each learner to prepare adequately in all four areas.
If you feel tongue-tied or lack the confidence or vocabulary we have Spoken English classes to guide you through. Speaking is gradually developed not just for IELTS preparation but for various immigration interviews and requirements. Not just this, experienced teachers hold reading and writing workshops during the coaching to impart and enhance your skills.

A multidimensional approach is taken in all skills for instance in reading not only your reading speed is worked upon, questioning style and predictive work is discussed. Special attention is paid to popular question types that are challenging and predicted to appear in the test. An eye for detail is developed and correct answers often need one to read between lines. Difficult lexicon is discussed and learners gradually learn to grasp contextual meanings.

IELTS Modules

IELTS Listening is developed by deliberate practice and marking pattern is explained because one has to attune to listen for articles, singular and plural and more than one word. For listening to develop different sources are used and learners are exposed to different accents. They learn how to listen for different letter sounds and numbers as a part of the training. The teachers maintain supervision as they listen, answer and score.

IELTS Writing is worked upon by encouraging creativity, vocabulary building, and formatting. Learners are exposed to good sample work as well as needed grammatical concepts. Marking is standardized and IELTS coaching at ABE enables one to understand not just what’s good writing but how the marking protocol is converted into real
steps. Trust the trainers and IELTS preparation at the academy to help you fructify your writing goals. One of the most subjective and demanding sections on IELTS.

Having walked you through the four sections of IELTS, the guru mantra is to lay your foreign academic, career and immigration goals in trusted hands – The Academy of British English to guide you and enable you to reach soaring heights.

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  3. It is an excellent place to prepare for ieltis exams..

  4. ABE really helped me immensely with my IELTS preparation. I was able to get overall 7.5 score in IELTS general category in the first attempt itself.

    Thank you so much for the right guidance and coaching.

  5. Very helpful and supportive teachers!!

  6. One of the best institute in West Delhi. Teachers are very professional and helps you to improve your overall language skills.

  7. Great Ielts preparation

  8. Excellent faculty

  9. Very hands on lessons….

  10. Very Supportive Staff.. Kudos to the team.

  11. Very Supportive Staff

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