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The scope of Foreign Languages

Foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean have gained its significance over the years. Earlier, only French and German were popular foreign languages but recently the demand for other languages has increased.

Due to the emergence of Multinational Companies in India, the requirement of foreign languages is there. Job Opportunities for translators, Embassy jobs, teaching jobs and private sector jobs have grown.

Nowadays, people also travel a lot outside India and hence they require knowledge of a specific foreign language. Students are also keen on learning a foreign language as there are exchange trips in schools to help students explore a different culture and history.

Students in our country are also going for higher studies in foreign language looking at the career prospects. Career prospects of foreign languages like Italian and Korean have increased because of the globalization of the world economy.

Mandarin and Japanese languages also have high demand in the market due to the import and export of products in China and Japan. China and Japan are technologically very advanced and therefore there are many Chinese and Japanese products in India such as gadgets, electronics, mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and automobiles.  The demand for these products has to lead to manufacturing of the same in large amounts creating an established market in the industry.

Even in schools, foreign languages are taught as an additional language which is quite helpful for students who aim for going abroad after completing their schooling. Knowledge of any foreign language along with English is very useful in today’s times.

Foreign languages Experts have an edge over others when applying for a job or going abroad to travel. At, Academy of British English there are foreign language courses such as French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean being taught.